Sneaky Pete's Big Game II
Battle of Midway
July 28th

Preregister and prepay online  before July 25th

$20.00 using field paint includes a raffle ticket
$35.00 using your own paint
$8.00 lunch 

Day of event
$30.00 using our paint includes a raffle ticket
$45.00 using your own paint
$8.00 lunch

Paint includes a raffle ticket with each case purchased
$45.00 Field Grade
$50.00 Mid Grade
$55.00 High Grade

  8:00 Chrono and registration opens
  9:30 Chrono and registration closes
10:00 Game briefing
10:30 Game On
12:00 Lunch
 1:00 Game On
 4:00 Game over
 4:10 Awards

Battle of Midway
Imperial Japanese Navy (RED) led by General Arron Sears
United States Navy (BLUE) led by General Mark Hartley

The imperial Japanese Naby is attempting to strike a fatal blow to the US Navy and hope that a demoralizing defeat would force the USA to surrender dominance iin the Pacific to the Jamanese. Little did the Japanese know that the USA had decrypted a message containing their plans. The US Naby would lay its own ambush and the battle is loargely considered the turning point in the war.

Game Intel
        US Forces: 3 Carries and Midway Island
Japanese Forces: 4 Carriers and 2 Battleships

Us Forces will use the Carries Hornet, Enterprise and Yorktown as mobile spawns.
Midway Island will be a permanent spawn positioned by the promoter.

Japanese Forces will use Carriers Kaga, Akagi, Hiryu and Soryu as mobile spawns.

Mobile spawns will be indicated by a flashing RED (Japanese) or flashing BLUE (USA) lights.

Spawn point rules:

1. If the spawn point is under fire you are NOT ALLOWED to RESPAWN at that point. You must respawn at a position not under attack.

2. Since the spawn points are mobile, A LIVE PLAYER may turn the spawn off (turn the light off) and move the spawn to a new base. If the player is eliminated while moving the spawn, the player muct respawn at an active spawn point before reactivation the spawn point.

3. Mobile spawn points are not active while being moved. They also must be at a recognized base to be active.

4. The spawn light must be place on an immoveable object to be active. It cannot be held while active.

5. If all players at the spawn are eliminated and the spawn light was ACTIVE then the (carrier) is sunk, and 
out of the game.

6. Submarines (special role players) can sink (eliminated) a Carrier while NOT active. This will be signified by the player calling a torpedo shot on a specific player. If the player is carrying the spawn light, it is effectively sunk.

There will be several types of missions such as, Recon, Resupply, Strafing runs, Repositioning and more.

1. Recon - Go observe a specified position on the map.

2. Resupply - Take supplies to a specified position on the map.

3. Strafing runs - Gather 5 players and go attack an enemy carrier for 10 minutes or until it is forced to 
 reposition or it is sunk.

4. Reposition - Move specified Carrier to a specified point. Carrier is inactive while moving, but upon reaching the specified position must be continuously active for 5 minutes. Players are live the entire time, if player moving the carrier is eliminated they must respawn at an active carrier and start the mission over. All Carrier rules are still in play. If you deactivate the spawn during the 5 minutes, the timer starts over.

Mission are worth points and /or props. Props are used for specific things, and will be detailed on the mission card.

Event Playing Rules

1.       Field Rules
a.      *Resolve all disagreements calmly and respectfully
b.      *No physical contact, horse play, touching equipment or clothing of any kind
c.       No arguing with the Refs. All Ref decisions are final.
d.      Refs may remove all players involve in a conflict from the game
e.       Staff reserves the right to ask players to leave the game
f.        No drugs or alcohol are allowed. If you have these things on the field, you will be asked to leave
g.       No cursing, hate language, racial slurs or obscene gestures
h.      Put barrel covers on while you are in the parking lot
i.        No shooting or dry firing in the parking lot
j.        Do not climb on structures

2.      FPS Limits
a.       285 FPS

3.      Kill Radius
a.      Paint Grenades – Kills any player hit by paint. Clears only the room it is tossed into

4.      Hits and Outs
a.      *If the person you are shooting at calls himself out, STOP SHOOTING AT THEM
b.       Players hit by other player on their team count as an “Out”. Shoot the opponent not a team mate
c      Gun hits count as an “Out”. Ricochets do not
d.       No blind firing
e.        Shields are not allowed
f.       Dead Players can’t talk
g.      Surrender or Die. When you are close enough to your unsuspecting opponent, that firing on them
      would cause injury or excessive pain say “Surrender of Die”. You must have your opponent in
      your sights and be ready to fire at them. It is not something you say to someone you can’t see, or
      someone that can see you. If your opponent chooses not surrender and tries to shoot at you,
      shoot back.

5.      Grenades and Tennis Balls
a.       Enola Gay type smoke grenades are allowed during the wet season. Check to be sure they can be

6.      Injuries
a.       Report serious injuries to an Ref
b.      You must be able to identify the person who injured you, for any action to take place



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