Make a Reservation to Play at Action Acres
 A $100.00 deposit and a 4 day advance notice is required to order food for your party.
 Your deposit will be applied to your bill after your group plays.

Your deposit is refundable only if you cancel 2 days in advance.
A paintball package comes with  enough equipment for 6 people and 2 cases of paint. 4000 paintballs
 There should be enough paint to last the players about 1 hour, depending on how quickly they pull the trigger.
An airsoft package comes with enough equipment for 6 people and 5000 BB's.

Group Rates
 Paintball or Airsoft Package for 6 - $240 Additional players are $40.00  each.
 Pizza and a beverage   $25.00. Large 16 inch Pizza with 12 slices
 Cake and a beverage  $30.00. 12 x 20 cake. Can be cut into 50 1 inch pieces.
6 Action Meal             $48.00. 1/3 lb cheeseburger, bacon, onions, condiments, 2 cookies, chips and a beverage.
For more information call 503-266-5733

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