Regular Style
Entry            25.00
.68 Gun       10.00
Safety Mask  5.00
Pod Pk           5.00
Free air/co2 and
300 free paintballs

Entry fee with
Your Equipment

Does not include paintballs

The rental packages comes with a safety mask and goggles. The mask covers the entire face area and ears. It does not cover the back of the head, which should not be a problem since the people on your own side should not be shooting at you.

It is best to wear loose fitted, baggy clothing. If you wash your clothes within a day or so, the paint should wash out and should not leave a stain.

Remember, this is an active sport and while the temperature may seem cool, you will be generating a lot of body heat. During colder weather this may cause your mask to "fog up". Breathing through your mouth and blowing downward, helps to prevent this. All our mask lens are treated with an "anti fog" agent to help prevent this as much as possible.

There is no time limit on how long you can stay.  The paint that comes with the rental packages will last about an hour to and hour and a half, depending on  quickly you pull the trigger.

Additional paint for either package is 40.00 per case of 2000 paintballs.