Playing Areas

Fort FTP
FTP with lots of things to hide behind like a couple of old cars, crates and barrels.
There is a maze at each entrance of the fort with a flag pole in the middle.
Stop by and check it out.
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                            More play areas
Fort Insanity
Helicopter                                            Still House 
Fuel Depot                                           MRL-KB5
Area 21                                                General Store
Command Center

Western Town
Make your way down the street and have a shoot out at the OK Corral. Players in the Western Town can ambush player at the ABS fort or Fort FTP.
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DDI Field
There are about 15 areas in the 3 acres of trees to hide and ambush from. You must be a good scout to play DDI.
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Tactical Field
The tactical field is located at the bottom of the DDI field, North of the Action Shack.
  There are over 100 bunkers to hide behind. The field is mirrored and plays quickly, like a tournament field.

Pipe Fort
The Pipe field is located north of fort FTP in a wooded area of the park.
Groups split up with one in the fort and the other in the ABS fort and try to capture each other fort.
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