Robin Hood
Men in Tights II
Nov 5, 2016




Cost: 40.00 Preregister (includes lunch)
         50.00 Event Day (lunch 8.00)

Paint: Bring your own

7:00 am Registration/Chrono opens
8:30 am Safety/Game Briefing
9:00 am Game on
12:00-12:45pm Lunch
 1:00 pm Game on
 4:00 pm Game over
 4:15 pm Awards

It is the 12th Century AD in a little place in Nottingham known as Sherwood Forest.  King Richard the Lion Heart is fighting the Crusades and has left England with no appointed governor.  The Sheriff (TBA) has taken it upon himself to bring a garrison of Royal Guards to the once peaceful province of Nottingham and reign over the good people with evil taxes and strict and unjust laws.  Robin Hood (TBA), a local yeoman, has rallied the militia to over throw the Sheriff and his Royal Guards. If Robin Hood does not succeed, the Sheriff will continue to tax the good people of Sherwood Forest until he has all their gold and land.

Victory Conditions:
Whichever side has collected the most gold by the end of the game will have retained control of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest.  Gold will only be counted if it is in the Bank.

Buildings and Characters:
Fort Insanity:  The Sheriff will start out at Fort Insanity which is “suppose” to protect Nottingham. The Fort will be their base of operations for the entire game.

General Store:  Robin Hood and his Merry Men will start at the General Store. It will be their base of operation for the entire game.

The Bank: This neutral office will be run by TBA. This is a safe place for players to make change, cash in nuggets, and make deals for extra gold. Remember that the banker can steal gold from anybody and put it in her person “Safe”. The Bankers personal Safe can be robbed up to 10 minutes after the sound signal.
Generals cannot be captured while in the bank, and players cannot be killed while in the bank.

Captured Generals: Captured Generals are taken to the bank. The Banker determines how much gold they are worth. No taxes can be earned while the Generals are captured.

Maid Marian:
Maid Marian is hiding in playing field and can be captured by either side. Once captured, she is taken to the bank and traded for gold. The banker will determine how much gold she is worth. She can be captured more than once.

Horse and Transportation:
You must have a “Horse Card” and the special shield to operate a horse. Horse cards are purchased from the Bank, or with a deal with the Banker, and cannot be transferred from player to player. The horse shield can be found at random places and times during the game. A horse requires two players; one to be the horse and the other to be the rider. The horse must hold the shield up at all times, and can only be killed with a head shot. The rider must keep one hand on the horse at all times. A horse is not complete without its rider. If the rider is shot, he must let go of the horse, the horse can then proceed on and pick up any rider with a horse card. If the horse is shot you must drop the shield where you are shot and proceed to your dead box. Any player with a Horse Card can pick up the horse where it is dropped.
Teams should get as many horse cards as they can so they can make sure their gold gets transported to the bank.

Bars: 60 points. One bar represents sixty (60) coins. Bars can be obtained from the Bank, and are used for larger transactions. A satchel (canvas bag) can carry up to five bars. A treasure chest can carry up to fifty bars and can only be transported with a horse.

Nuggets: Each nugget has a serial number. The Banker knows how much each nugget is worth. Nuggets can be found in  satchels and on the ground. Nuggets are transported in a satchel.

Coins: 1 point. This is the smallest denomination available, and can be earned, traded and even found wherever people live, travel and walk. Coins can be transported in satchels. All gold must be turned into the Bank no later than 3:59pm. Gold not turned in before 4:00pm will not counted.

Transporting Gold to the Bank:
There are lots of satchels (white canvas bags) to be found around the field. Any player can carry or open a satchel.

Treasure Chests: Only a horse can carry a Treasure Chest. A chest must be locked before transport. For a fee you can buy a lock at the bank or make a deal with the banker. Anyone can claim a Treasure Chest but you must have a horse to move it. Simply guard the chest and send a runner to purchase a lock from the Bank.

Besides Robbery, Sales, Finding Gold,  “Taxes” are the only other way to earn gold during the game.

There are 8 Tax Zones, Command Center, MRL-KB5, Fuel Depot, Helicopter Down, Pipe Fort, Outpost, Area 21 and the Still House. Each Zone has  a Flag pole with a Blue and Green Flag. To be in control of the zone and collect the Tax, the flag of your team must be at the top of the flag pole. Flags zones cannot be moved, and are active for 30 minute at a time.

Tax Zone Schedule:
  9:15-9:45 Fuel Depot
10:00-10:30 Pipe Fort
10:30-11:00 Outpost
11:00-11:30 Still House
11:30-12:00 Helicopter Down
  1:15-1:45 Area 21
  2:15-2:45 Command Center
  2:45-3:15 MRL-KB5

Taxes are collected at the rate of 1 coin per minute or 1 Bar per 15 consecutive minutes that the flag is up.

Tax is tallied by a referee. Vouchers will be handed to the Generals at the end of the time period. Vouchers are taken to the Bank for counting, by the Generals anytime.

No taxes can be earned after 3:15pm.

Special Tools:
These props are tools that Generals can use to gain an advantage against the other team. They will be available at random times and locations during the entire game. Of course the Bank is not above selling information or the tools!

Tax Multiplier:
A Tax Multiplier can be found in the area of the active “Tax Zone”. Once found, the Multiplier is placed against a flag pole and is a multiplier for the taxes collected during that tax time period.  The Multiplier is removed by the ref at the end of the period.

Multiplier Values:
Yellow - 2
    Blue - 3
  Silver - 4

Bonus Objectives:
You can get bonus points by completing a mission. Missions can be found in specially marked pods through out the playing area during the game.