Hillbillies vs Revenuers
May 13

Preregister and prepay online 2 days before the Event

35.00 Includes lunch, air and bring your own paint

Day of the Event
40.00 includes,
air and bring your own paint
  8.00 Lunch


  8:00 Chrono and registration opens
  9:30 Chrono and registration closes
  9:40 Game briefing
10:00 Game On
12:00 Lunch
 1:00 Game On
 4:00 Game over
 4:10 Awards

Game Playing Instructions
Main Missions:
Main Missions are identified by YELLOW cards.
The object of the game is to win as many Main Mission cards as possible and complete as many Bonus Missions as you can, to win the game. All of the cards for the Main Missions and Bonus Missions are at the forts. Do not remove any cards before the active time. If you have a card that is not active your team will be penalized 200 points. Mission cards must be turned into the Action Shack before the next Mission starts. If a player gets hit while carrying a Mission card, the player must put the card down, call himself “Out”, go to the spawn base, and wait 10 minutes before reentering the game. Either side can pick up the card and score the points by taking it to the Action Shack.
Spawn Bases may not be attacked by either side.
Players may not wait at the Spawn Bases to shoot players as they reenter the game.

Bonus Missions:
Bonus Missions are identified by WHITE cards.
DO NOT remove the cards unless you are working on a Mission.
Bonus Missions must be done one at a time using the tanks (if they are used). You cannot send multiple players out at the same time to get the cards all at once.
Bonus Missions are located in the dash of the tanks. They must be completed by the specified time in the instructions.
Bonus Missions instructions must be attached to the steering wheel of the tank until the mission is completed. The Completed Bonus Missions cards or individual cards are taken to the Action Shack  or held by the Generals. They cannot be stored at your spawn base.
Mission cards can be turned in separately for 50 point each or ALL the cards can be turned in at once, in the correct order, for 500 points.
Bonus Missions can be stolen at any time by either side.
Protect your Missions!!!!

Tennis Ball Launcher, and Tennis Balls:
Refer to the kill radius section of the rules for weapon usage and kill radius.
Tanks are equipped with launchers and tennis balls that must be returned to the tanks after use.
No personal launchers or balls are allowed.
When “HIT”, players must stop shooting, call themselves “OUT” and go the Spawn Base.
The penalty for attacking a Spawn Base or Spawn Trapping is 200 points
Good luck and most of all HAVE FUN.


Event Playing Rules

1.       Field Rules
a.      *Resolve all disagreements calmly and respectfully
b.      *No physical contact, horse play, touching equipment or clothing of any kind
c.       No arguing with the Refs. All Ref decisions are final.
d.      Refs may remove all players involve in a conflict from the game
e.       Staff reserves the right to ask players to leave the game
f.        No drugs or alcohol are allowed. If you have these things on the field, you will be asked to leave
g.       No cursing, hate language, racial slurs or obscene gestures
h.      Put barrel covers on while you are in the parking lot
i.        No shooting or dry firing in the parking lot
j.        Do not climb on structures

2.      FPS Limits
a.       285 FPS

3.      Kill Radius
a.       Tennis balls – 20 feet. Can take out an entire fort when they hit the side of the fort
b.      Paint Grenades – Kills any player hit by paint. Clears only the room it is tossed into

4.      Hits and Outs
a.      *If the person you are shooting at calls himself out, STOP SHOOTING AT THEM
b.      * When you get hit, stop shooting, call yourself “Out” and go to the Spawn Base, wait 10
      to reenter the game
c.       Players hit by other player on their team count as an “Out”. Shoot the opponent not a team mate
d.      Gun hits count as an “Out”. Ricochets do not
e.       No blind firing
f.        Shields are not allowed
g.       Dead Players can’t talk
h.      Surrender or Die. When you are close enough to your unsuspecting opponent, that firing on them
      would cause injury or excessive pain say “Surrender of Die”. You must have your opponent in
      your sights and be ready to fire at them. It is not something you say to someone you can’t see, or
      someone that can see you. If your opponent chooses not surrender and tries to shoot at you,
      shoot back.

5.      Grenades and Tennis Balls
a.       Enola Gay type smoke grenades are allowed during the wet season. Check to be sure they can be
b.      Tennis balls may be hand thrown or launched

6.      Injuries
a.       Report serious injuries to an Ref
b.      You must be able to identify the person who injured you, for any action to take place

7.      Spawn Base
a.       Each side has a Spawn Base. If you need to work on your gun or take your goggles off, you must
       be inside the building. If you are outside the building you must be wearing your mask
b.      Spawn Bases may not be attacked by the other team

8.      Tanks (if they are used)
a.      *Drivers who are operating a tank in an unsafe or destructive manner will be asked to
       leave the game
b.      *Drivers who damage or cause damage to a tank are monetarily responsible for the
c.       Personal tanks must be approved by staff prior to the game
d.      Tanks are disabled for 5 minutes when hit with a tennis ball
e.       Do not shoot at the tanks. paintballs do not disable the tanks and do not cause the occupants to
      be “OUT”
f.        Tanks occupants are responsible for recovering tennis balls taken from the tanks
g.       Try to stay at least 15 feet away from the tanks. They have limited visibility


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