4 Man Tactical Challenge
Oct 13

Day of the Event
20.00 Includes air

  8.00 Lunch

Bring your own paint or buy ours  $40, $45, and $50


  8:00 Chrono and registration opens
  9:30 Chrono and registration closes
  9:40 Game briefing
10:00 Game On
12:00 Lunch
 1:00 Game On
 4:00 Game over
 4:10 Awards

Bringing back the 4 Man Tactical Challenge.
This is a fun "blind start" event with old school scoring.

Two teams will start from 2 of 4 random/blind starting stations on a new mirrored structured field. Not Airball.

Rosters caped at 5
All player types and abilities are welcome.
Free Agents welcome
Minimum of 8 games
4 minute games

Rate of Fire capped at 10.2 BPS
Modes are either Semi or NXL


Online Waiver