4 Man Tactical Challenge

Pre-Register and Pre Pay Online
20.00 per person on the roster Includes air and bring your own paint

Day of the Event
30.00 Includes air
and bring your own paint
  8.00 Lunch

Bring your own paint or buy ours  $40, $50, and $60


  7:00 Chrono and registration opens
  8:30 Chrono and registration closes
  8:40 Game briefing
  9:00 Game On
12:00 Lunch
 1:00 Game On
 4:00 Game over
 4:10 Awards

Bringing back the 4 Man Tactical Challenge.
This is a fun "blind start" event with old school scoring.

Two teams will start from 2 of 4 random/blind starting stations on a new mirrored structured field. Not Airball.

Rosters caped at 5
All player types and abilities are welcome.
Free Agents welcome
Minimum of 8 games
4 minute maximum games
Losing team refs the next game

Rate of Fire capped at 10.2 BPS
Modes are either Semi or NXL

Online Waiver